How It Works

StormStore is the marketplace for buying and selling stormwater credits in Cook County. Our platform connects developers who need to meet stormwater management requirements with landowners who are selling stormwater credits. Our team provides free consultation services to help guide you through the process of entering your project into the marketplace and finding a suitable buyer or seller.

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How StormStore works for your project?


Stormwater credit trading is a mutually beneficial and cost-effective process that helps developers meet their stormwater requirements while generating new revenue for public and private landowners. Trading through StormStore is a seamless and efficient process that does not add any extra time or cost to the development process.

If you are interested in participating in the StormStore marketplace, our team will guide you through the following steps:

Find out if your project is in a pilot eligible watershed

To determine if your project site is in one of two pilot Watershed Planning Areas, use our eligibility map. If your project is in one of these areas, the StormStore team will help you assess if your project meets the additional requirements for stormwater credit trading. If your project is in one of the five non-pilot eligible watersheds, contact us for a free consultation on how your project can participate.

Tell us about your project

Whether you are a developer, engineer, or public or private landowner, talk to the StormStore team about your project's needs. We will work with you to evaluate your site and identify the best stormwater management solutions for your project. This is also a good time to schedule a pre-application meeting with the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District (MWRD) to review your project scope.

Review your individualized project proposal

The StormStore team will produce a snapshot of the stormwater management solutions that we recommend for your project, along with projected savings or revenue. This proposal will take into account your project's unique site characteristics and requirements.

StormStore helps you negotiate a trade

Once a potential trade is identified, we will assist both the buyer and the seller in finalizing the trade. Our team has extensive experience in navigating the complex world of stormwater credit trading to ensure that both parties get a fair deal.

Submit your permit application to MWRD

The StormStore team will work with you to complete and submit your permit application, which includes your project plan, designs, and credit trade agreement if applicable. We will help you to ensure that your application meets all requirements to trade.

Receive your permit from MWRD

MWRD will review your permit application and issue a permit once all requirements have been met. Your permit will allow you to start construction and implement the stormwater management solutions required by your trade.

Complete your project

Construction takes place on your project. If you are working on a new development, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve saved money and hassle! If you are generating stormwater credits, you can use revenue from a trade to maintain your project and ensure that it continues to benefit your community for years to come.

For more about StormStore and stormwater credit trading, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

Is your project eligible for StormStore?

The Metropolitan Water Reclamation District’s (MWRD) Cook County Watershed Management Ordinance (WMO) allows for offsite credit trading throughout MWRD's service area, but eligibility requirements vary depending on the project location. Projects in the Little Calumet River and the Lower Des Plaines River watersheds are exempt from demonstrating site constraints or limitations to meet the ordinance, making them eligible for credit trading through StormStore without additional requirements. Projects in other watersheds may still be eligible for credit trading, but may need to demonstrate existing site constraints or limitations to meet the ordinance.

Are you a Developer or Engineer?

Developers and engineers can participate in stormwater credit trading through StormStore by purchasing credits to meet their stormwater management requirements. Projects in the Little Calumet River and the Lower Des Plaines River watersheds are eligible to purchase credits without demonstrating existing site constraints or limitations to meet the ordinance. Other projects may need to demonstrate existing site constraints or limitations to meet the ordinance before they can participate in credit trading. You can use the map below to determine whether your project site is in a pilot-eligible Watershed Planning Area.

Are you a Public or Private Landowner?

Many non-single family home landowners located in the Little Calumet or Lower Des Plaines Watershed Planning Areas can build an off-site facility and generate credits on their site, regardless of the size and type of project. Municipalities improving alleys or streets, churches repairing or improving parking lots, or school districts upgrading playgrounds are just some of the many types of projects that could benefit from StormStore. You can use the map below to determine whether your project site is in a pilot-eligible Watershed Planning Area.

Discover available credits in your watershed through the Credit Registry. Our marketplace lists verified stormwater credits that you can purchase to meet your project's needs, organized by watershed. If you don't find what you need, or if you're interested in generating credits on your property,contact the StormStore team for assistance.

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