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As of August 2021, the first projects in Cook County remain under development. However, there are many examples in the region and beyond which hold important lessons for the communities and developers who stand to benefit from building StormStore projects.

Nature-based Solutions + StormStore

The following projects use nature-based solutions, or green stormwater infrastructure (GSI), to retrofit existing project sites to better manage the rain that falls at each location. In Cook County, vegetated surface-based GSI is often less expensive than building underground stormwater management or other gray infrastructure typically used. In addition, GSI offers many co-benefits beyond reducing localized flooding.

25th St + Nevada Ave (Franklin Park, IL)
25th St + Nevada Ave, Franklin Park, IL 60131

Watershed Lower Des Plaines
Status In Progress
Size 2 acres
Volume Control 0 gallons/year
Detention 1,000 gallons/year
Maintainer Village of Franklin Park
Developer Village of Franklin Park
Credit Supplier Village of Franklin Park

“Franklin Park is committed to using green infrastructure to support water management practices not only because it is cheaper and more effective than traditional gray infrastructure but also because it helps beautify our community and provides cooling effects for urban heat islands. We are incorporating roadside plantings, absorbent gardens, and permeable surfaces that capture, filter, and reduce stormwater in as many developments as possible. In addition, the Village is hoping to turn stormwater into an asset by selling retention credits from our detention basins to developers who need them to develop large new building projects. This revenue would then be reinvested in more green infrastructure projects that would benefit our community.”—Mayor Barret Pedersen, Village of Franklin Park

Historic Mount Olivet Cemetery (Washington, DC)
1300 Bladensburg Rd NE, Washington, DC 20002

Watershed Other
Status Complete
Size 85 acres
Volume Control 4,007,955 gallons/year
Detention 0 gallons/year
Maintainer Archdiocese of Washington DC, The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and Nature Sacred
Developer District Stormwater LLC (TNC)
Credit Supplier District Stormwater LLC (TNC)

Project scope: 9 rain gardens, tree plantings

Project details: Green infrastructure completed in 2019 at Mt Olivet Cemetery includes water-filtering bioretention cells and improved green space that serves as reflective gardens for visitors. In addition to the bioretention system, over 150 trees were planted throughout the 85-acre property. The new bioretention system features native plants that capture, absorb and infiltrate stormwater, improving water quality and reducing flooding. The project was built using private financing and was facilitated by TNC free of charge.

The new green infrastructure captures over 3-5 million gallons of stormwater annually as a part of Washington DC's stormwater retention credit trading market. By adding onsite stormwater storage, the cemetery was able to reduce their annual drainage fee and the revenue generated from credit sales is used by TNC's investment vehicle to construct new green infrastructure projects across the watershed.

The project provided the Archdiocese and the cemetery with an effective opportunity to be environmental stewards. The green space and wildlife habitat created by the project enhances the cemetery’s aesthetic and meditative virtues for the neighboring community and visitors. Mount Olivet Cemetery also received reductions to the charges on its water bill that are based on impervious surface. Impervious surface removal reduced the cemetery’s water bill enough to support the benefits for several staff positions.

District Stormwater, LLC wanted to show that a stormwater market was a viable way to achieve positive environmental outcomes through private investment. Through this project, District Stormwater, LLC demonstrated that building green infrastructure can be a source of revenue.

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