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Our 2017 analysis conducted in partnership with the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District, shows that stormwater credit trading in Cook County, IL has great potential to save money, spark development, and reduce flooding.

Based on this analysis which used 10-years of project data, approximately 1 in 5 projects benefit from using stormwater credits generating an average benefit of $240,645 per project site.

By the Numbers

Since our 2017 report, we have updated our projections based on three additional years of permit data. The following numbers are specific to the two pilot watersheds: the Lower Des Plaines River and Little Calumet River watersheds.



On average, projects in pilot watersheds could save up to $172,000 per project.


On average, 13 projects per watershed could benefit from using stormwater credits.


The average project could add .70 acres of developable space by purchasing stormwater credits.



On average, 13 new voluntary stormwater facilities could be developed to address local stormwater or urban flooding issues.


Estimated annual revenue of $1,180,000 generated from sale of credits.


On average, 9.1 acres of voluntary green acres could be created to meet demand of stormwater market.

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